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donīt think - THANK...

Music is a doctor

"Music is the doctor"
Makes you feel like you want to
Listen to the doctor
Just like you ought to
Music is the doctor of my soul..."

By the "Doobie Brothers"

They are right!

But itīs not possible for a doctor to heal, when he neither has fitting medicine nor the right tools.
Guess we all agree in this...

Groups are invited as much as a single person to have a day or a weekend off. In case accomodation can be sorted out individually.

I also think about children who have a blockade or a serious illness! If somebody needs something different, then them.

Music can really be a doctor, but only with proper tools as well, which means a good, powerful but not molesting stereo.

After more than 10 years of selling, modifying and reparing of high fidelity equipment i know exactly where the weak points of the devices are.
Now guess what happens when you let somebody like me open up a place like this?
Exactly: He will take apart every single unit and modify it until nothing is originally anymore.
Well, so i did.
And what didnīt exist on the market yet, i made by myself.

So, there we are now: In the middle of the nature down south in Andalucia with a unique setup for people who really care about powerful, natural, strong but warm and open sound.

Even if you think your ears are not good enough or you are just curious how it feels like - in any case it will be completely new to you.

And donīt worry... After few minutes of having a sound bath youīll understand for sure.
Iīm happy to answer your questions any time!

See you,


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