Author Topic: we are FREE RADICALS - 9th october 2010  (Read 3288 times)

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we are FREE RADICALS - 9th october 2010
« on: September 08, 2010, 10:28:23 PM »

fresh air dancefloor
real rare electronic music from the early 90īs until around 2000
(deep house, hardtrance, acidtrance, minimal and nice surprises)
lightshow, ambient lights and the unique and just finished sound system "White Noise"

friendly bar
beer, spirits and mixed drinks - sure water as well
 8)  first barrel beer and fruits anyway for free  8)

chill out zone

open barbeque
2 grills and a heap of carbon will be there - bring meat, salad and whatever you think might make you and others happy
plates and cups are here too - "tools" (fork, knife, etc) please bring with you.

relaxed hanginī out
with a cup of coffee on "the day after" until sunday evening
with fluffy sounds, plenty of beds and mattresses and hopefully nice rays of autumns sun...

camp area
come in cars, vans or trucks, put up your tents and make yourself at home
(inflatable 5-star-hotel incl private butler on request)
bring at least a pullover, best a sleeping bag too and maybe a torch as well (always handy out here)

!! free parking and entry !!
--> please do NOT bring dogs <--
and we gonna party even if it will rain (the big terrace, the extension as hidden chill out and the living room are gonna be prepared)

questions, answers and participations:

8)  letīs rockīnīroll  8)

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