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About sexuality...
« on: April 27, 2012, 10:56:34 AM »
"I feel there is a misconception that in order to be spiritual one cannot be sexual. But it is not sexuality that is the issue, but how we choose to express that sexuality.
I too come from a childhood where sex was taboo, it was not something that was discussed openly. Sadly, many of us have been raised in an environment where sex was seen as 'dirty' or something you do to 'make babies'. When in reality the sexual act is one of the greatest, most beautiful gifts God has given us.

Sex, when shared in love energy, is communion with our selves and with source. Sex with love heals and restores, enhances our lives - makes our souls / spirit soar. Sex without love robs our souls and breaks our spirit, it robs us of positive energy and leaves us feeling depressed, sad and lonely - empty. Yet, so many of us, for so long have not been able to discern exactly was was missing when feeling empty, 'lacking' embarking on countless sexual encounters looking for fulfillment - emotional and spiritual fulfillment that can only be found in love.

Even in relationships, if the love energy is not pure or present, we can end up feeling lonelier than ever - so I do not believe sacred sex is exclusive to marriage as so many marriages and relationships are not based on love. Sacred sex is exclusive to love, only true love.

I am of a very sexual / sensual nature and I believe sex is a very important part of spirituality - a very important part of existence - when we connect with someone whom we truly love, with whom we can share our souls, our vulnerabilities,the deepest and most intimate part of ourselves and share our bodies and souls with them - it truly becomes the essence of our existence, I feel that is what God intended all of us to have, the sharing of our bodies and energy in pure, unconditional love - connection to source, connection to all there is."

" I feel there is God in EVERYONE, whore, thief, bum, liars, you, me, all of us here. I feel the biggest challenge for all of us collectively is to shift judgement into acceptance, after all, we all want to be unconditionally loved - ALL of us. So I do not feel we have a right to judge anyone.

I feel often, many of us have sought comfort and love, acceptance, by embarking in sexual relationships that we knew deep down inside were not the right choice - but ultimately, I think for most, it truly was a search for that love energy that fueled those poor choices. The journey and growth occurs when we go within ourselves, deep into our souls and acknowledge that need and finally find our path. It is then, that we acknowledge our soul, we become aware, and KNOW that we can no longer settle for anything less, and we learn to love ourselves and learn to accept true love into our lives. It is a growth process, and can be very painful for some.

I consider myself a late bloomer, it took me longer than some to find my way and my path - it is not an easy road for a lot of us. It has taken me a long time and a lot of heartache to get to where I am today. I have certainly made some very poor choices in my past, I will not let those choices define me and I would certainly hope that others would not define me by choices made in the past, but rather by my actions. I would certainly hope that whomever chooses to love me, loves me unconditionally, which means they will not love me in spite of my flaws and faults, but will love me BECAUSE of them, as the good and the bad, past and present, make me who I am today - someone who is willing to love unconditionally, with an open heart and soul. After all, that is what it is all about. Love and Light to you."

(Mari Diaz)
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