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Karim's Tour de Europa
« on: June 30, 2009, 04:48:20 PM »
follow me... on an escapade... finally the blog to end all blogs...

but it's only just begun. so please remember, its a work in progress. the sentences are short. no access to a thesaurus yet.

for each destination, I have only added a few outline notes. so bear with me. or bare with me. or beer with me? yeah, thanks for asking.

1 -
Depart JFK - March 30, 2009
Arrive BCN - March 31, 2009

Barcelona - 9 Days

Couch plans went to shit a day before departure. Thanks Fotis and Panos for trying though. Didn't get much sleep the night before I left. My twin brother, Rahim invited another trick over at 3am while I tore apart my room trying to fit my entire wardrobe into one suitcase. I open the front door and introduce myself as Rahim is still getting ready. What a queen! But this guy is highly attractive with ripped muscles. I think he's probably a typical dumb gym bunny. We end up talking for the next 30 minutes on an intellectual and spiritual level, just the way I like it. Eventually he goes with my twin and they enjoy their night. I continue packing despite being extremely tired and now somewhat jealous.

Then after only a few hours of sleep, I had to wake up early and set off to JFK. At the airport, my computer (which I brought along to blog my trip even though its 3 months later that I actually start documenting it) makes a funny jingling sound. And so the problems start already, I think. Damn... But its too late to deal with any of it now so I board the plane and just prepare for more of the unexpected...

I end up sitting next to a cute blond girl listening to her iPod. She has the window seat, so I'm kinda annoyed already. Unfortunately I'm sweating my ass off because I wore three layers of clothing, including a leather jacket because I couldn't fit it all into the suitcase. We don't speak for the first hour or two. Then the steward-ass starts making her rounds. "Drinks, snacks and other over-priced bullshit...?" she says (or something to that affect). I turn to the blond girl and ask, "Can I buy you a shot of vodka?" She quickly responds, "Thank god you're an alcoholic!!!" And so it begins...

We end up having a few more drinks, each taking turns buying rounds for one another. There's an older woman, probably in her 40's, sitting diagonaly from me. We notice that she is drinking hardcore and so we start up a conversation. Ultimately, she ends up giving us some clonzapin and we continue getting wasted. Shaina, the sexy young blond thang, eventually tells me she is from *Central* America and doing a little trip around Europe for the next few weeks or so. Already a connection, I think. We exchange contact info while continuing our first of many binges, albeit separately.

Its a cold and rainy morning when I arrive in Barcelona. I quickly realize I'm not in Kansas anymore. And without a place to put down my hat, I begin to wonder: What do I do? Where do I start? I suppose the logical thing would be to ask for some information, even though I have male genitalia and a lot of it. So I get a map and a list of hostels in downtown Barcelona from the Tourist Information desk. Grab the first bus and I'm outta the airport.

I arrive in downtown Barcelona and immediately start going to hostels. One after another, street after street, raindrop after raindrop, I walk and search for the cheapest accommodations. Seventy Euros, 60 Euros, 50 Euros and the prices continue to drop the more I look. After about 4 hours and 10 hostels later, I start to give up. Im cold, tired, hungry and obviously drenched. I decide to settle on the next one I find. I check the map and its only 3 streets away. A few seconds after I put the map away, a vendor approaches me to sell me an umbrella. A little late, but what the hell? I haggle him from 4 euros to 3, but I know its still overpriced. Oh well. On my way to the next hostel, I see a sign down a small side street. "Pension, Hotel Chambers, etc." I remember my friend, the eyebrow tweezer lady (cant remember her name - Reesa or something), mentioning that pensions are also a good cheap place to stay. So I go inside the gate of the building. No office. Only construction and some stairs. So I grab my giant suitcase and begin the trek up the flight after flight of endless stairs. Clug, roll, clug, roll, clug, roll. My suitcase knows I'm gonna break the wheels off on my first day here, but I continue. Clug, roll, clug, roll, clug, roll. Six flights of stairs later, I finally see the door to the hostel. I ring the bell and a little old lady comes out. She sees I'm dripping wet and thoroughly exhausted. She invites me in. I immediately ask, "Quanto cuesta?" I can't deal with more of this 50 Euros a night bullshit. She says, "Quatorce Euros." Seriously? Wow!!! Great, I'll take it!!!!

She shows me my room, It's private, with a sink, balcony and huge bed. Granted the bed is covered with 10 layers of old musty blankets. But for 14 euros (about 18 dollars for the rest of you that don't keep up on this shit), who gives a f**k?! She shows me the kitchen and bathroom and then I hit the bed.

I awake the next day sick as a dog, tired as shit and crankier than Rahim without his hourly xanax.

Guadi park, churches, and view from my balcony of Palau Gaudi
Panos and his friend Hercules, the guy that made me think of dick everytime I looked at him. you know... the one you want to beat senselessly. not that one. the other one. yeah. give it a little shake first.
Fra on a rainy tuesday night with his sexy self and his amazing mushroom pasta
Jogs along the beach
Reading Keroauc - Dharma Bums
1 euro cans of beer in the streets

Madrid - 1 1/2 days
8 hour bus ride
CS Remy, tapas, wine, jog
More Kerauc and Treasures of the Heart (Buddhist book)

Malaga - 2 hours
Internet cafe and eating tomatoes with Remy while he drove us through Andalucia and all its white villages

Facinas & Tarifa - 4 days
German CS host, Flo, and his piece of paradise, music studio, perfect kitchen, kilometers from civilization. total sanctuary. never will forget, the time is now!
Christine's heavenly voice and Basy, her friend. flo records christine and i get it on my ipod in minutes. flo records me talking about not cooking dinner anymore. haha
jog barefoot around town per flo's advice. felt exhilirating. a lot of cuts and blisters later, but whatever! christine jogs with me. she has a lot of stamina.

Madrid - 5 days
Christine and I begin to travel around together. We discuss how she does not trust me. A first for me. But then again, I didn't know me to trust me.But I felt that the inhibitant of my shell has good energy. Im just the owner of the house or so I thought until recently.
Last minute couch with CS Tono and his bass guitar, grahpic design and art, 3 cats and Mahoa beer
CS Pablo and his crazy curls, friends bday party, cat in heat
jog, busking in streets
crazy last minute jam session when leaving pablo's home and heading for the bus station. we hear they are playing in their flat when walking past. We only have about 30 minutes to kill and decide stick around and hear them play. Christine shouts to them through the window and they invite us in. They sing, she sings. Its always heaven to hear her sing. I still wonder if Angels know they are Angels or they just think they are like the rest of the pack?

Ourense - 5 days
CS Alison, her French roommate with the turbin thing
bikeride to thermal spas
Christine give performance at bar for owner's birthday
Alison gives me the Soft Machine book. What the f**k was she thinking? Its about a heroin junkie addicted to sex and kiling and cursing and wtf? Bitch.

Porto - 7 days
CS host Alex (American) and Daniel (Brazilian), choking on fucking fish right after mentioning it happened once before when i was a teenager. what the f**k are the odds??
CS Turkis Melis and Levant, her hair, his video
CS hosts Igor, Edgar and Stephanie. peeing in the bed. Fernando's sexiness.
student party, Rita the Morrocan, the sexy Swedes and Fins
no exercise, only drinking, god I miss those 80 cent beers.

Lisboa - 7 days
CS hosts Christine Lima, Mario in Setubal, wedding on the beach, Anita, Fado dinner, Satu and Heidi, people from Croatia, singing in the park, meeting the black guy that spoke 7 or 8 languages
CS hosts Big and lil Joao, raw and burnt rice and weird afghani pastries, Carrie and me cooking, Dancing in the kitchen, getting hit on in the kitchen, getting burnt in the kitchen. What was up with the kitchen? Three feet wide, but totally consuming.
CS guestsCarrie and Karl and beaches and barnicles
bikeride with Carrie, jog around Joao's
Fernano Pessoa
Neno, cute gay and annoying gay guy, whatshisname?

Olhao & Faro - 1 1/2 days
CS host Yves, car surf, snails, naked beach, hotel surf, big breakfast by orange groves. Andre owner taking me to every bus station
tired to read Desartes
jog around hotel

Sevilla - 3 days
bus ride from Olhao, i meet Chris, an australian from afar. then he is at the same hostel.
Hostel surfing with Martin, Amanda and Julie (coolest Canadians I know), Aaron and Iris
McDonalds and Ice Cream,
walk around town with Aaron. he provides me the best tour of the city by evening. violists busking in the streets. so romantic.
jog around town

bus and walk
Facinas & Tarifa - 4 days
CS host Flo and his mom and girlfriend. finally a dinner where i dont get burned and the food is awesome. everyone has seconds and thirds
jog barefoot somewhat
flo's mom cuts my hair. so cool! his girlfriend and i have wonderful conversations. she is very enlightening! i learn about ghee and eventually cook with it in London and Heidelberg.

Sevilla - 2 days
Martin (hostel owner) finds me a bed even though the place is booked due to construction. Animal Collective.
City walking tour. Meet Natalie, the crazy bi-sexual Nurse that licks my tits at lunch after the tour. A young guy pushing a cart of construction material pass by our table and asked for water. we all deny him. a fucking glass of water. what was i thinking? it haunted me for weeks.mahalia jackson would kill me.
Lucy and Reagan.
Barely make the bus

Olhao & Faro - 1 1/2 days
CS hosts Joao and Margarida. Send back the dress to Jen.
jog to town

London - 7 days
hostel first night
CS host Vaj, Linda and Robert
CS host Steve Sloane the molester
CS guest Kevin and CS meeting
Jan, cool german 29 year old twin I met at hostel and Ministry of Sound and hostel surfing
jogged first day at hostel
left Descartes in hostel. couldn't deal with his venacular. made me feel insiginificant. dick.

Friedrichs Hafen - 2 hours

train then train then train train train train train fucking train to Austria
Innsbruck, Austria - 4 days
couldn't stay with couch surfer host. hostel closes their office at 10 pm. i arrive at 10:05pm. what luck. i end up getting in the building, at least the side entrance that has the foosball table, some stairs and a bathroom. i grab my towel, throw my bag on the stairs and sleep on my towel in the handicapped stall. haha. no regrets.
Kosheen concert. sian up close and personal. i think i still have some of her sweat and vagina juice on my shirt.or at least it smells that way.
Gay bar finally. blow job by bartender. he just pulls me from the bar. doesn't say a word. takes me to the exit which is attached to an apartment building. we exchange seediness between two flats and an elevator. hot.
get lost going back to Kristina's flat in the mountains. went all the way east along the river. end up going back to the same hostel i surfed the night i arrived. went in. had some free breakfast and 6 cups of coffe and flew out the door. fuckers.
Kristina's thesis. Crying over Michael. made pasta. she made an awesome salty concoction while we drank wine and discussed Pessoa, traveling, love, books, etc.
hiked in mountains. read on a tree stump.

train train train
Zurich - 7 days (met the husband - rings of grass along the river)
Europride09, pink couch in the rain, Johnny Hazzard on bus.
David and Ben, CS meeting with Pride Meeting. I am god and can walk on water. Peter and Ciril,
Finishing my list with Ciril on a rainy morning after I stole the covers at night. Andre towering above everyone at the club and falling in love, Krisna temple, hips never leave each other. exchange rings made of grass.
Physics of the Impossible
jog around town and by rivers

train train
Geneva - 3 days
Satu and Heidi, Peter and hiking, fondue and fever, Sit-Sit dinner and drinks

train train train
Heidelberg - 9 days (planning wedding at recess on the playground)
husband Andre Braun, like Andre the Giant and braun like strong, but pronounced like brown.
eye problems and fever, headaches start, vegetarian and tea, tea and tea
workout at andre's place
End of Mr. Y, couldn't stop reading, quantum physics and a book within a book.a potion to enter the thought world. jumping from mind to mind. erasing the past.
left on 30th bday

Mainz - 1 nite
drum and bass party with Marcel, Sarah and the other cool girl.

Bingen - 1 1/2 days
walk around town. Hildegrad any homeopathic remedies. watching aeon flux and everything else in german.

Frankfurt - 2 hours
flight to milan

Milan - 3 days
The Secret
Gay bar, jog for hours
Italian sexy men and their cute outfits but bad attitudes
Carsten Mohr, interpreter

Berlin - 7 days
Jan and Philip, Pol and the Law of Attraction. Just relax man...
30th bday. Wrigleys party with Alex and girlfriend. Ewan Pearson.
Meet awesome people at Jan and Philip's birthday, including their older sister. Dancing with the turkish girl. Talking to the younger guy about gayness and manipulation. watch Yes Man with Jim Carrey high as a kite.

Then its onto...
Corsica (maybe for work at a bar on the beach...? hopefully)
Paris with Yves

Then maybe...
More Greek islands