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Yoga, Roses and more
« on: March 23, 2016, 09:30:56 AM »

Breathe, unwind, meditate – immerse yourself for ten days from 4th to 10th of July in a very special Yoga experience in the middle of pure Bulgarian nature.
Create your own Soul Garden and find your inner peace.

Tsveti Lazarova and Lena Kuder invite you to take a timeout during their Spring Yoga Retreat in the fabulous rose valley of Bulgaria.
Tsveti Lazarova ( Akal Gian Kaur ) – is a Bulgarian national whose interest in meditation started in 2009 when she took part in TTC 2009 (a Maharishi Mahesh Yogi course).
After that she moved to Italy and, looking for inner peace, practiced meditation with Enrico Tomei, a TM teacher in Rome.
She moved to Spain 5 years ago and started Hatha Yoga classes 3 years ago. She is now a yoga teacher and is qualified to teach classical hatha yoga to beginners. Tsveti is a passionate person for whom yoga is about self-discipline and self knowledge and who has a big smile for everyone she meets.
She recently received the spiritual name Akal Gian Kaur from 3HO Organisation.

Lena Kuder moved from Germany to Spain eleven years ago. While living in Ibiza she started doing Bikram Yoga.
After moving to Andalucia she discovered the more spiritual way of Yoga like Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yogan and Yin Yoga.
Lena is a very sensitive person who loves nature, horses and to connect with other people who are looking for a balance in life and an optimistic perspective. As she is a more mind centred person Yoga helps her to explore her feelings, listen to her body and calm down.
Tsveti and Lena got to know each other in a Hatha Yoga class two years ago. Since then they have become very close friends.

The Soul Garden’s aim is to introduce customers to yoga and meditation practices which will develop self -knowledge and self- discipline whilst exploring themes important to many practitioners such as relaxation, self-development and self-awareness.
Thinking of the daily pressure at work, in the family and in society people more and more need to find their inner peace.

We would like to offer those people, who need a timeout from their everyday life a space where they can relax and get new energy.
Our retreats combine Yoga with alternative activities as meditation, massage, horse riding, walking tours, climbing tours, hiking and mountain bike tours.
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