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Rooster Rave - 11 Feb 2017
« on: January 20, 2017, 07:43:05 PM »

Itīs wintertime. Itīs time to rest, reflect and plan ahead. Itīs the new chinese year.
Itīs the year of the Red Fire Rooster.
This is the year when you will need to work (and party) hard and be patient in order to achieve your goals.
Itīs time for a gooood party. Itīs about time... :D

ProjectOffRoad calls out to all the ravers in the nation(s) - to celebrate - to share - to UNITE on the 11th of February in the campo of Facinas.
An ARRIVAL plan youīll find in the upper main links of this very webpage.

So hereīs the plan:
First people will arrive around midday to help setting up for the night and relax and tune in heavenly afterwards.
In the evening we gonna fire up the barbeque to get a good base for the night - please bring your own food!
The actual party will start in the evening/night depending on the people, normally around 23:00.
No fixed timetable, just pure and spontaneous fun. :)

The DJs gonna be:
Jenny Kinnear (jewellery artist and all time party star - we LOVE you! :D )
Negruss Jav (aka Acoustic Black - deep house, minimal, GROOVYYY!)
Alex Bel (chef, former restaurant owner and RETRO vinyl addict)
Patrick McCreanor (Friendly People Parties :) )
JFX (aka "One Skinny DJ" - Graffiti Breaks, London)
Flow Offroad (founder of ProjectOffRoad and party host - will dive deep into the electronic music of the 90s)
--> Same here: To set up a proper lineup would be nonsense since we all much rather let it flow at any given moment...  ;D <--

What to bring:
Food for the BBQ
Drinks - there will be an OPEN BAR where everybody puts his drinks and takes whatever is there - sharing is caring folks! ;)
Good and lovely vibes - everything else the universe is providing.............

...and last, but not least...
Feel free to share this link with your close friends, but please do NOT share it on any social media since this is a private party for friends and friends of friends ONLY!

THANK YOU and see you all very soon!  ;D 8) :-*

11th of Feb 2017

BBQ, electronic music and lots of lovely people....guaranteed at ProjectOffRoad...

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